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I ordered 2 packs of seeds back in December and only received half my order. Not only is there no contact information for this company but they do not respond to emails from there webpage. I've sent 5 emails and have gotten NOTHING in return. I would like to get what I payed for but I guess I'll just have to get on here and tell people NOT to order from greybeard seeds.
Hey it’s been since nov 20th and I still haven’t gotten anything yet can you check my order please ? I sent a few emails over the last few weeks and no reply as of yet ... I’ve had good luck with my first 3 orders just wanna get this settled before I order more which I’m waiting to do
Placed an order 9 days ago and still haven’t received anything?
Dibbed ×2 on Hulkberry Saturday but couldn't find the page.
Hello y'all had me in a panic last night

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