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Afghani #1 Automatic

Afghani #1 Automatic cannabis seeds produce robust and very resinous plants with a potent indica effect. Quick success is assured, even with no growing experience, because this strain is ideal for novices and experts alike.

Afghani #1 Automatic growth pattern

The short, fast growth pattern of the indica genotype is a result of the conditions of a high altitude environment. Such conditions are found in Afghanistan’s Hindu Kush mountains. For generations, cannabis strains have been selectively bred there for potency, weight and resin production. Our Afghani #1 uses only the best indica parent plants from the region.

What should you expect? Robust, medium-height plants with distinct lateral branches and dark green foliage. The plants will begin to flower after five to seven weeks of growth – and you don’t need to do a thing to help them. This strain is ready to harvest after another seven to nine weeks. The complete cultivation process – from seedling to harvest – takes just three months.

Dense flowers soon cover the shoots of the plants, with the best results achieved from a main stem and unpruned side branches. As with other autoflowering strains, you should not remove the heads, because topping will not result in better branching or more flowers.

To increase the yield, try a Sea of Green (SOG). This cultivation method uses a lot of small plants instead of a few large plants. The buds from these plants maintain their weight even after drying. They are packed with trichomes. These are the resinous glandular hairs of the cannabis plant, which are smoked pure as kief or further processed into hashish.


Flavour and smell of Afghani #1 Automatic


The spicy flavour of cannabis resin is a strong element of this strain’s bouquet, coupled with sweet, earthy and smoky notes.

Did you know?

  • Afghan indicas have shaped cannabis cultivation for a long time. The exceptional resin production of modern indoor strains is more or less derived from the DNA of the hash plants.
Sativa / indicaIndica
Flowering TimeShort flowering period
HeightCompact plant
YieldMedium yield
Climate ZoneCool /cold