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Cherry Pie is a great revamp of our classic strain Pure AK. We were given a special clone of Cherry Punch from Symbiotic Genetics (US), and crossed it with a healthy and potent Skunk Special father to improve vigour, resistance and yields. The result is an indica-dominant plant with an well-balanced high and a mouthwatering, cherry-like velvety aroma.

Cherry Pie grows very easily and is not fussy about nutrients. Due to its indica heritage plants grow short and squat with large, dark green leaves and it doesn’t stretch excessively in flowering stage. Cherry Pie rewards the attentive gardener with huge, rock hard nugs, dark green in colour with eye-catching purple/blue shades, giving this strain an overall outstanding bag appeal. In addition buds have the signature pungent skunk essence of the Skunk Special, while the Purple Punch with Cherry AK adds a pleasant and velvety cherry sweetness.



GENETICS(Cherry AK x Purple Punch) x Auto Kush/Skunk Special
VARIETYMostly Indica
YIELDIndoors: 450 – 650 gr/m2; Outdoors: 350 – 500 gr/plant
PLANT HEIGHTIndoors: 80 – 120 cm; Outdoors: 100 – 150 cm.
GROWSGrows indoors, Grows outdoors
FLOWERING TIME56 – 70 days
TASTE / FLAVOURCherry, Skunk, Smooth

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