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Clementine x Animal Cookies

Citron is a premium feminized hybrid of two terpene-rich cannabis cultivars—Clementine and Animal Cookies. This potent strain produces sticky buds that reek of citrus, cookie dough, and Skunk. Citron offers a unique twist on the sweet-and-sour flavor of Animal Cookies.

Clementine is an award-winning, Sativa-dominant strain that is known for its sweet, citrusy aroma and uplifting effects. By combining Clementine with the legendary Animal Cookies cut, Greenpoint Seeds has created Citron—a top-shelf hybrid that offers a balanced high and exotic flavor. This cultivar provides a generous yield of potent buds that have the bag appeal of Cookies and the sweet, fruity scent of Clementine.

Citron Strain


The story of Clementine, the mother of Citron, started with Lemon Skunk. Lemon Skunk is an old-school Skunk No. 1 phenotype that originated in California. This cut was popularized by a grower known as Lemon Man, and later introduced to an even broader market by Green House Seed Company, DNA Genetics, and other prominent cannabis breeders. Lemon Skunk offers the classic aroma and flavor of Skunk, with an added hint of sweet-and-sour citrus.

Crockett Family Farms, a well-known group of breeders from California, obtained a cutting of the classic Lemon Skunk. The breeders crossed this cultivar with their renowned phenotype of Tangie, which is a potent, Sativa-dominant variety that tastes of ripe tangerine. This Lemon Skunk-Tangie hybrid was dubbed “Clementine,” in recognition of its sweet, citrusy aroma and flavor.

Clementine soon became popular among medical and recreational users and, in 2015, it won 1st Prize for Best Sativa Concentrate at the High Times Medical Cannabis Cup in Michigan. Today, Clementine is a favorite among Sativa fans, and many breeders have used this cultivar to produce potent, flavorful hybrids.

Clementine Lineage

Clementine, the mother of Citron, is a hybrid of Lemon Skunk and Tangie. Lemon Skunk is believed to be a phenotype of the original Skunk No. 1. A well-known California cannabis breeder who calls himself Sam Skunkman created Skunk No. 1 in the early 1970s by combining Colombian, Mexican, and Afghani landrace strains. Tangie is a hybrid California Orange and Skunk.

Animal Cookies

Animal Cookies, also known as Animal Crackers, is the other parent of Citron. Animal Cookies is a clone-only variety that was bred by the Cookies Family of San Francisco. The Cookies Family, one of the most respected groups of breeders in the cannabis industry, has created many award-winning strains such as Gelato 33 and Girl Scout Cookies.

To create Animal Cookies, the Cookies Family crossed their prized cut of Girl Scout Cookies with the notorious Fire OG cut. Animal Cookies combines the exotic flavor of Girl Scout Cookies with the yield and potency of Fire OG, creating a strain that is considered to be one of the finest representations of Cookies. Users report that Animal Cookies delivers a powerfully narcotic stone that may relieve pain and elevate the mood. Its powerful effects and unique flavor have made Animal Cookies a favorite among growers, breeders, and users.

Animal Cookies Lineage

Animal Cookies, the other parent of Citron, is a cross of Girl Scout Cookies and Fire OG. The lineage of Girl Scout Cookies is unclear, but the Cookies Family has stated that it is a three-way hybrid of Durban Poison, Florida OG, and an unidentified strain referred to as “F1.”

The ancestry of Fire OG also is unclear. Some growers suggest that Fire OG is an original phenotype of OG Kush, while others maintain that it is an S1 or hybrid of OG.

Citron Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Greenpoint Seeds used the rare, clone-only cut of Animal Cookies to pollinate the prized cut of Clementine. The resulting strain, known as Citron, produces a variety of phenotypes that share the award-winning traits of both parental lines. Some plants may lean toward the uplifting high and citrusy aroma of Clementine, and others may offer the narcotic stone and exceptional resin production of Animal Cookies. Most plants will display a combination of these desirable characteristics.

Citron is a feminized strain. Feminized seeds make the growing process easy by eliminating the need to identify and remove male plants from the garden. Approximately 99.9 percent of feminized seeds produce female plants. This means that growers can be confident that nearly every Citron seed will produce a sexually stable female cannabis plant.

Citron Aroma

Clementine, the mother of Citron, is true to its name, offering an aroma that evokes ripe clementines. Depending on the phenotype, this variety may offer additional notes of sweet orange or sour lemon. When the buds are broken apart, hints of diesel and pine also become noticeable.

Animal Cookies emits a sweet-and-sour scent that is complex and pungent. This variety offers a bouquet of sweet cookie dough, petrol, Skunk, and menthol, with hints of soil and mixed nuts. When the buds are ground up, notes of cherry, pine, and pepper are released.

Citron combines the sweet, citrusy aroma of Clementine with the cookie-dough funk of Animal Cookies. Some phenotypes may take on the fruity aroma of Clementine, and others may lean toward the sweet-and-sour scent of Animal Cookies. Most plants will present a blend of these mouthwatering aromas.

Citron Flavor

Citron is as flavorful as it is aromatic. This variety offers notes of lemon, orange, and cookie dough, contrasted with hints of Skunk, kerosene, and pine. These sweet, zesty flavors linger on the tongue long after the exhale. Some plants may taste more of citrus, and others may share the sweet, funky flavor of Animal Cookies.

Citron Effects

Like most Sativa-dominant strains, Clementine delivers an uplifting and cerebral high. This potent cultivar is capable of producing buds that contain as much as 27 percent THC. Users report that Clementine may enhance mental focus, boost the mood, and inspire creativity. Clementine’s energizing effects make it a great choice for an all-day smoke.

In contrast, Animal Cookies reportedly possesses strong analgesic properties that may relieve pain and general discomfort. Many users find that Animal Cookies delivers a relaxing stone that eases muscle tension and calms the mind. When consumed in excess, this powerful cultivar may send users into a deep sleep. Animal Cookies is perfect for a relaxing evening smoke or nightcap.

Citron combines the uplifting, cerebral effects of Clementine with the narcotic and body-numbing stone of Animal Cookies, creating a well-balanced high that can be felt in both the mind and body. Soon after smoking Citron, users typically experience a surge of energy and mental focus. Soon, this uplifting high turns into a calming and sleep-inducing stone. Citron is an excellent choice for an afternoon or nighttime smoke.

Citron Structure

Clementine is tall in height, with long branches and large, light-green leaves that are sharply serrated. This cultivar forms massive, Christmas tree-shaped colas that are heavily dusted with trichomes. The lime-green buds are large and thick, and are spattered with dark-brown pistils and milky resin glands. The thick coat of sticky trichomes may make it difficult to break up the buds by hand.

Animal Cookies is medium to tall in height, with long, lanky branches and small, frosty buds; however, this cultivar is somewhat more robust than most Cookies varieties. Animal Cookies develops emerald-green leaves that often turn purple when exposed to cold temperatures. Animal Cookies forms small, bright-green buds that are speckled with red pistils and hints of purple in the sugar leaves. The flowers are dense and heavily coated in trichomes.

Citron is tall in height, with long branches that may have significant internodal spacing. This variety forms medium to large colas that are blanketed with shiny trichomes. Clementine-dominant phenotypes may be somewhat taller and produce larger buds, while Animal Cookies-dominant phenotypes may be frostier and more colorful.

Growing Citron

Clementine is an easy-to-grow variety that is resilient to most pests, diseases, and environmental stressors. This variety is highly adaptable, and can thrive both indoors and outdoors. When grown outdoors, Clementine favors a warm and slightly humid climate. Indoor growers may need to top or super-crop this variety in order to control its height. If Clementine is provided with adequate nutrition and ample lighting, this cultivar is capable of producing massive yields.

In contrast, Animal Cookies is known for being a difficult strain to grow. This variety is sensitive to environmental stressors, and requires proper nutrition, ample lighting, a stable pH, and a moderate climate in order to produce a modest yield.

Citron is moderately easy to cultivate and is resistant to most pests, diseases, and environmental stressors; however, some Animal Cookies-dominant phenotypes may be more sensitive to fluctuations in pH, temperature, humidity, and other conditions. Citron can be grown both indoors and outdoors if given a warm and dry climate. Because Citron plants tend to be tall, indoor growers may benefit from using low-stress or high-stress training methods such as topping, fimming, or super cropping during the vegetative growth period. This will limit the stretch during the early flowering period and boost the yield of Citron.

Pest & Disease Control

Due to its Animal Cookies parentage, some phenotypes of Citron may be prone to powdery mildew. Growers can prevent powdery-mildew infections by lightly pruning the plants, using fans to increase air circulation, and reducing the humidity in the grow room. They can also use water and sodium bicarbonate foliar sprays to stop powdery mildew from spreading.

Animal Cookies tends to require more calcium and magnesium than most strains require. Some phenotypes of Citron also may require an abundance of these nutrients. Growers can prevent nutrient deficiencies by incorporating a cal-mag supplement into the regular nutrient program, or by using dolomite lime and Epsom salt as soil amendments. Growers should use a pH meter when mixing nutrient solutions. This will help ensure that the plants maintain a consistent pH and can absorb the optimum amount of nutrients.

Harvesting & Curing Citron

Citron is a fast-flowering strain, with most plants reaching maturity within nine weeks. Growers can tell if the plants are mature by using a microscope or jeweler’s loupe to observe the trichomes. If the trichomes are transparent, the plants are not ready for harvest. When the trichomes turn milky white, with some turning amber, the plants are ripe and ready to be harvested. If Citron is harvested early, it may produce a more uplifting and invigorating high. If harvested late, the effects tend to be more narcotic and sedating. Harvesting at peak maturity will help ensure optimal yield and potency.

One to two weeks before harvest, most growers stop feeding the plants with nutrients and flush them with distilled water. This helps break down any remaining fertilizer in the buds and improve their aroma and flavor. During the flushing period, the leaves of Citron may turn from emerald-green to yellow and purple.

After flushing the plants, growers harvest them by removing the ripest colas first. They remove the large fan leaves on the branches and manicure the buds by trimming away the sugar leaves. Manicuring the flowers will improve their appearance and make them smoother and more flavorful to smoke.

Once the buds have been trimmed, they are ready to be dried. Growers hang the branches by a node or place them on drying racks for three to six days. The buds are dry when the branches snap rather than bend.

Next, growers remove the dried buds from the branches and place the buds in sealable glass jars. They store the jars in a cool, dry, and dark area to preserve the delicate trichomes on the flowers. Once or twice a day, growers open the jars to prevent excess moisture from accumulating on the buds. After two weeks, the flowers are cured and are ready to be consumed; however, it may take up to eight weeks to cure them properly.

WEIGHT0.21 oz
SEED SEXFeminized
BLOOM CYCLEPhotoperiod
BLOODLINEAnimal Cookies, Clementine
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