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Do-Si-Dos x Animal Cookies

Scout Snacks is a robust feminized hybrid that unites two of the finest Girl Scout Cookies varieties on the market: Do-Si-Dos and Animal Cookies. This cultivar from Greenpoint Seeds produces many phenotypes that exemplify the renowned Girl Scout Cookies strain’s best qualities. Growers should expect incredible potency, extensive trichome coverage, and exotic flavor and aroma from the Scout Snacks variety.

Scout Snacks is the perfect strain for growers and breeders seeking a Girl Scout Cookies variety in seed form. Although cultivating these hybrid seeds can present challenges, Scout Snacks’ genetic relationship to legendary strains such as OGKB, Animal Cookies, Fire OG, and Face-Off OG ensures many elite production phenotypes that will satisfy any connoisseur.

Scout Snacks Strain


In early 2013, Fletcher Watson, the Archive Seed Bank founder, acquired a clone of the elusive OGKB. Determined to preserve this rare cultivar, he crossed it with his well-known Face Off OG BX1 male. Face-Off OG is an unusually potent OG Kush phenotype that delivers a unique bouquet of lime, gasoline, and fresh soil, rather than the lemon and pine aroma commonly associated with OG Kush phenotypes.

By crossing OGKB with Face Off OG BX1, Watson improved upon many of the traits of OGKB. The resulting strain, known as Do-Si-Dos, has a higher yield, more robust branching, and less sexual instability than the original OGKB clone. Do-Si-Dos quickly became Archive’s most popular strain, and growers and breeders worldwide now scramble to buy seeds and clones of it.

Do-Si-Dos Lineage

Do-Si-Dos, the mother of Scout Snacks, is a hybrid of OGKB and Face Off OG BX1. OGKB is said to be a “mutant” phenotype of Girl Scout Cookies. Many growers and breeders consider Do-Di-Dos to be one of the best representations of the Cookies line. Some growers believe that it came from an original seed of the famous Girl Scout Cookies; however, others suggest that it may be an S1.

Face Off OG BX1 is a backcrossed OG Kush strain developed by Archive Seed Bank. The Face-Off OG clone came from seeds found in OG Kush’s particularly potent batch in the 1990s. Archive created a backcrossed line of seeds to preserve the unique traits of Face Off OG. The breeders used a male from this backcrossed strain to pollinate the OGKB, thereby creating Do-Si-Dos.

Animal Cookies

Animal Cookies, also known as Animal Crackers, is the other parent of Scout Snacks. Animal Cookies is a well-known Girl Scout Cookies phenotype that was bred by the Cookies Family in California.

Animal Cookies offer a higher yield than other Cookies phenotypes, with more substantial branches and increased potency. This Indica-dominant variety delivers a powerful and narcotic stone that is best to consume at night.

Animal Cookies Lineage 

Animal Cookies, the other parent of Scout Snacks, is a hybrid of Girl Scout Cookies and Fire OG. Girl Scout Cookies’ ancestry is unclear, but some observers say that it is probably a three-way hybrid of Durban Poison, Florida OG, and an unknown strain, generally referred to as “F1.” The Cookies Family is secretive about the pedigree of Girl Scout Cookies, as many breeders actively seek exclusive genetics.

Scout Snacks Feminized Cannabis Seeds 

Scout Snacks, bred by Greenpoint Seeds, is a feminized hybrid of Do-Si-Dos and Animal Cookies. The term “feminized” means that 99.9 percent of Scout Snacks seeds will be female. Growers value feminized seeds because they eliminate the need to identify and separate male plants from females.

Greenpoint Seeds used the clone-only cut of Animal Cookies to pollinate a prized phenotype of Do-Si-Dos. Because Scout Snacks is a hybrid, this strain will produce a variety of phenotypes. Some of the plants will closely resemble Girl Scout Cookies, and others may be more OG Kush-dominant. Nearly every phenotype will offer a potent high, delicious flavor, and dense, frosty buds.

Scout Snacks Flavor

Consumers cherish Do-Si-Dos for its mouth-watering flavor. This strain combines the sweet, earthy taste of Girl Scout Cookies with subtle lime and fuel hints from the Face-Off OG. Do-Si-Dos’ flavor is complex, with sharp notes of menthol, pine, skunk, diesel, and citrus. Depending on the phenotype, Do-Si-Dos may lean toward the sugary, cookie-dough flavor of Girl Scout Cookies or the lime-fuel taste of Face Off OG.

The flavor of Animal Cookies is similar to that of Do-Si-Dos, but with some notable differences. The taste is sweet and sour, delivering an earthy, nutty, and doughy flavor, with notes of diesel, skunk, and mint to finish. Some users report that the smoke is somewhat harsh, causing them to cough on the exhale.

Scout Snacks produces a wide array of flavors, depending on the phenotype. Most plants will share the sweet, earthy aroma of the Do-Si-Dos and Animal Cookies. However, some phenotypes may lean toward the lime-fuel taste of the Face-Off OG or the lemon-pine flavor of Fire OG.

Scout Snacks Aroma

Scout Snacks can produce a variety of enchanting aromas, depending on the phenotype. AC-dominant phenotypes will provide a delightful bouquet of cookie dough, cherries, brown sugar, diesel, and skunk. When broken apart, the buds emit faint scents of pepper and pine. Do-Si-Dos-dominant phenotypes offer an equally pleasant aroma of mint, pine, citrus, skunk, and diesel. Some rare phenotypes may lean heavily to the OG Kush aroma of fresh soil, pine, citrus, and fuel.

Scout Snacks Effects

Both Do-Si-Dos and Animal Cookies are exceptionally potent varieties. Some phenotypes of Do-Si-Dos contain up to 30 percent THC, which is an incredibly high figure. Like its parents, Scout Snacks has high levels of THC. This Indica-dominant strain delivers potent and sedating effects that can send even the most seasoned stoners to bed.

The high begins with a rush of creativity and mental stimulation, followed by a calming and body-numbing stone. This strain is relaxing and soothing, making it an excellent choice for a nighttime or weekend smoke. The strong Indica effects of Scout Snacks may make it challenging for the user to focus on an activity or participate in a discussion. Those who wish to remain clearheaded and functional may not want to try Scout Snacks, while those looking for pain relief and rest will enjoy its body-melting effects.

Scout Snacks Structure

Do-Si-Dos possesses an Indica-dominant structure, with thick, dark leaves and incredibly dense, golf ball-shaped flowers covered in trichomes. Do-Si-Dos is medium to tall thanks to its OG Kush parentage. Importantly, it develops substantial internodal spacing and thin branches that may flop over late in flowering. OGKB-dominant phenotypes may display the long petioles and purple leaves that characterize Girl Scout Cookies strains.

Animal Cookies has a structure similar to that of Do-Si-Dos, with long, thin branches and dark green leaves that fade to yellow near harvest time. When exposed to cold temperatures, this cultivar may display purple hues late in the flowering cycle. The strain produces small, lime-green flowers covered in a thick coat of milky trichomes. Red-orange pistils and purple sugar leaves decorate the beautiful buds, thereby contributing to its great appearance.

Scout Snacks shares the same tall, lanky structure of its parents by producing thick, dark leaves, long petioles, and dense, colorful buds. Girl Scout Cookies-dominant phenotypes of Scout Snacks may be frostier and more purple, with a smaller yield than the other phenotypes. Conversely, OG-dominant plants may be less colorful but will have a slightly larger yield. Most phenotypes, however, will closely resemble the structure of Girl Scout Cookies.

Potential Medical Applications

Scout Snacks is an excellent choice for medical cannabis users due to its potent analgesic effects. This cultivar packs with cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids that may possess many therapeutic properties. Users who suffer from pain or insomnia may benefit from Scout Snacks’ sedating and body-numbing effects. The calming and mood-elevating high from Scout Snacks may also help to alleviate stress. Because this strain is highly narcotic, it is not an ideal choice for daytime use. Users may find themselves glued to the couch after consuming Scout Snacks.

Growing Scout Snacks

Like most Girl Scout Cookies varieties, Scout Snacks may be challenging to cultivate, particularly for inexperienced growers. This strain is sensitive to environmental fluctuations and requires adequate nutrition, a stable pH, and various training methods to achieve optimal results. Sufficient light penetration is also a must to attain a good yield.

Notably, Scout Snacks can be grown both indoors and outdoors. However, it may perform best in a controlled, indoor setting due to its susceptibility to environmental stresses. Scout Snacks performs best in a semi-humid climate when grown outdoors, with daytime temperatures between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Colder nighttime temperatures may cause this cultivar to display beautiful purple, red, and black hues.

Scout Snacks may stretch significantly during the early flowering period, sometimes nearly doubling in height. To control the stretch and maximize Scout Snacks’ yield, we recommend topping the plants late in the vegetative growth phase. Growers can use other high-stress and low-stress training methods, such as fimming, lollipopping, scrogging, or super cropping, to boost Scout Snacks’ yield. Finally, staking or trellising the plants may prevent the branches from flopping over late in the flowering cycle.

Pest & Disease Control 

As a result of Scout Snacks’ OG Kush parentage, some phenotypes may be prone to powdery mildew. Fortunately, growers can prevent powdery mildew on cannabis plants and stop its spread. Here are the most common strategies growers can use to control powdery mildew on plants:

  • Keep the humidity level low.
  • Raise the ambient air temperature to 75 degrees Fahrenheit or higher
  • Prune excess fan leaves
  • Use fans to increase air circulation.
  • Water and sodium bicarbonate foliar sprays to stop powdery mildew from spreading.

Bud Rot

Bud rot is another concern when growing Scout Snacks. Bud rot arises from the extreme density and frost of the flowers. Still, growers can prevent it by pruning the plants, reducing the humidity level, and keeping the grow room clean and adequately ventilated.

Addressing Nutrient Deficiencies

Scout Snacks thrives on a diet rich in calcium and magnesium. To prevent nutrient deficiencies, growers should incorporate a cal-mag supplement or Epsom salt and dolomite lime into the regular nutrient regime. They should also use a pH meter when mixing the nutrients to ensure a stable pH during feeding.

Harvesting & Curing

Growers find that Scout Snacks tend to flower rapidly, and most plants reach maturity eight to ten weeks after flowering. The plants are ready to harvest when the trichomes are milky white, with some beginning to turn amber. If growers harvest the plants before they have fully ripened, the high may be more energetic. Conversely, if harvested later, the effects may be more narcotic due to THC’s degradation into cannabinol.

Approximately one to two weeks before harvest, growers should cease feeding the plants with nutrients and flush them with plain, distilled water. This process may remove excess fertilizer in the buds, increasing the quality of the final product.

Once the buds are fully mature and properly flushed, then growers may harvest them. Growers should begin the harvesting process by cutting down the plants’ large branches, starting with the ripest colas. Next, they should remove the large fan leaves, setting some of them aside to help regulate the drying process.

After growers remove the large fan leaves, they can begin manicuring the buds. Begin manicuring by trimming the small sugar leaves that surround the flowers. Growers should remember to save these sugar leaves to make extracts, edibles, and other products out of them later.


After trimming the buds, they are ready to be dried. Growers can hang the branches from a node or use a drying rack to speed up the drying process. They can drape the remaining fan leaves over the buds to prevent the flowers from drying out too quickly and losing their flavor and aroma. It usually takes three to six days for the buds to dry; however, it may take longer for Scout Snacks due to the flowers’ extreme density and frost. The buds are thoroughly dried when the stems snap rather than bend.

After drying, growers must cure the buds to maximize their flavor and aroma. They should store the buds in sealable glass jars and open the jars or “burp” them twice a day for the first three days. After this, they should continue to burp the jars once a day for the next two weeks. After fully curing the buds, growers can enjoy the sensational flavor and effects of Scout Snacks.

WEIGHT0.21 oz
SEED SEXFeminized
BLOOM CYCLEPhotoperiod
BLOODLINEAnimal Cookies, Do-Si-Dos, Face Off OG, Girl Scout Cookies, OG Kush