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Peyote Forum was bred by crossing two excellent cannabis strains, viz. the Forum cut of Girl Scout Cookies and the Bubba Kush-derived Peyote Purple. Two such great strains were always going to produce an absolute winner and this is certainly the case here.

While the original GSC was indica-dominant, the Forum cut turns out to be 75% sativa and this is reflected in its effect which is more cerebral and uplifting than the original.

Purple Peyote, meanwhile, is known to have originated from a single purple pheno-type of the indica Bubba Kush strain which was subsequently back-crossed for several generations to fully cement its qualities which include the deep purple/black colouration of its leaves.

Both parents are known to produce THC levels in excess of 205, sometimes much more, and Peyote Forum will impress with its undoubted potency.

More Information
Product TypesSeeds THC
GeneticsGSC Forum Cut x Peyote Purple
VarietyIndica / Sativa
Flowering TypePhotoperiod
THC Content20%+
Flowering Time65 days
Medicinal PropertiesYes